React Native Exercises

React Native Exercises was a simple mini-course geared to to help people get more comfortable with common React Native tasks.

The course consisted of 10 unique exercises and was designed for each exercise to take 15-30 minutes.

It was built because we were receiving a lot of similar questions that had simple answers but people were missing the necessary fundamental knowledge to tackle them.

Very often you can get tunnel vision on your app's functionality and you don't take a step back to build the foundations to make the rest of the work easier.

That's what we wanted to help with - short exercises to allow you to become a better developer but not get in the way of doing your actual work.

This course wasn't on the market long (just over one holiday season). It has been sunset and replaced by the React Native Fundamentals Workshop (part of React Native School) which has a better student experience and video walk throughs of the solutions.

It did have a fun logo though...