Steering Developers to Build Without the Handlebars

Break the tutorial cycle and learn to solve problems on your own.

Software development is a learned skill.

But once you learn it you can’t just do the same thing over and over again.

The tools may be the same but the problems are unique.

The solutions are unique.

You need to learn how to solve the problem using the tools at your disposal.

Handlebar Labs’ mission is to teach you tools, techniques, and frameworks in a way that you can confidently use them to solve the unique problems you will run into.

We want to help you avoid getting stuck in the tutorial trap.

So many of us have been in the situation where everything made sense in the tutorial but as soon as you step out to solve a different problem... your mind just goes empty.

You scramble to pull together disjointed pieces of information that, when previously presented, worked together but now the pieces don’t fit together in the same way.

It’s an infurating experience that can be avoided.

Through practical exercises you can learn to build high quality software that solves unique problems.

That’s what we’re here to help you do.

About Handlebar Labs

Since 2017 Handlebar Labs has been teaching developers around the world how to use React Native. Over 5 years, 25,000 students, and millions of visitors to our tutorials and courses we’re expanding outside of just React Native.

Handlebar Labs is @spencer_carli. I use technology as a tool to build things - to solve problems. I’ll be honest - I don’t love web/mobile development. I love what it allows me to build.

I don’t want to spend a ton of time learning and becoming top 1% in a tool. I want to know enough to accomplish the task well - quickly and confidently.

Handlebar Labs is my contribution to helping other people build things that solve problems with technology.