Master Push Notifications in React Native

One of the hardest parts of getting into mobile development is setting up push notifications.

There are a variety of certificates you need to set up, different services that need to talk to each other, and you have to double that for React Native because you're working on iOS and Android.

Coming from web development, this is an intimidating process.

Master Push Notifications in React Native was the first mini-course I created on a highly focused topic.

It started by describing, at a high level, what was actually happening when sending a push notification down to implementing the common push notification functionality users are expecting.

One piece of feedback I got from this course was that it was nice and highly focused but was a bit advanced for some people and they couldn't quite grasp some of the more basic React Native topics that I skimmed over in order to keep the course short.

Like many other early React Native courses, the feedback I received from this course went on to shape what would become React Native School.