Learn React Native Meteor

Learn React Native + Meteor taught developers how to build mobile apps using React Native and Meteor (simple naming is the best).

Spencer had been using each framework for a few years and had been writing about how to use them together for some time, building a decent size audience.

What was unique about using React Native and Meteor together was the real time nature of Meteor.js using a unique DDP protocol that wasn't really used anywhere else.

The unique nature of this combination, and the desire to build something, lead to the creation of the Learn React Native + Meteor book/course.

It was initially pre-sold, with exciting success, to the relatively small audience who then had access to it as each section/chapter was released.


Learn React Native + Meteor was a written "course" that was hosted on Teachable. This, in theory, was cool but in reality was a pain.

The course was really an e-book and would have been served better in that format. There were a variety of technical challenges (mostly around poor code embed support on Teachable at the time) that causeds numerous headaches.

Know the format you're creating and distribute it using tools designed for that format!

Current Status

Learn React Native + Meteor taught how to use two tools together that were each moving very fast. This meant keeping this course up to date was a pain.

That fact, and the reality that I wasn't actively using Meteor.js any more, meant that it was time to sunset the course.